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Star Trek TNG - "The Inner Light" and Habolith

For those who missed it, last week Sept 8th was Star Trek Day. Variety published an article ranking the top 57 episodes of “Star Trek” and lo and behold, “The Inner Light” is the top rated Star Trek TNG and second of the entire franchise of all time!

Why is that cool? Well, it just happens that we are working with Morgan Gendel – yes, the writer and Hugo Award Winner of “The Inner Light” – on a new series. Oh, and did I mention on the side he’s working on Habolith – his patented Earth/Moon/Mars HABitat built from regOLITH, known round these parts as SAND.

And yes, you’ve guessed it. MWE is shooting the documentary on this amazing groundbreaking work. Who ever doubted that we’d never go up to space and film there?!?!?!

For those who don’t know….Sept 8th celebrates the debut of Star Trek: The Original Series, which premiered on Sept. 8, 1966.

Variety Article can be found here.


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