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Rare Earth (TV mini series 8 x 60')


Upon the discovery of rare earth minerals in a nearby mine, an austere village transforms into a fortress of power and money while the world around it descends into chaos. Shia and Dag, a visionary scientist and her resourceful assistant, must prove that these vital elements can be the hope, not the downfall, of man.

The Bird (Limited TV series (6 x 52)

The true story of the brief but unforgettable career of one of the most universally beloved characters in all of sports history. 

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Men of Bronze (limited TV series 10 x 60')

Against the backdrop of World War I, African American ragtime jazz musician James Reese Europe and the men of the 369th Infantry Regiment fight a war on two fronts as they battle for freedom against Germany and for racial equality back home.


Conclave (limited TV series 6 x 60')


Based on the historical fiction novel of the same name by Tom Davis.


A six-part mini-series of historical fiction about Cold War intrigue between the United States and Soviet Union as they attempt to influence the election of the pope in October 1978. 

As the cardinals of the Catholic Church convene in Rome for the second time in six weeks to elect a new pope following the unexpected death of Pope John Paul I, the spy agencies of the US and the Soviet Union seek to further their own strategic interests by influencing the election.

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The Dark Lady (Feature Film 120')


The Dark Lady is the story of the hidden and secret life of Emilia Lanier – the theory that it was indeed a woman behind the works of William Shakespeare.

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Lost God (Feature Film 120')

When a middle-aged man wakes to find himself lost and alone in an inescapable small desert town haunted by a terrible secret, he desperately searches for clues that might just hold the answer to who he really is.

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Yvonne & Co (Feature Animation 1 x 90')

Once upon a time there was a cow by the name of Yvonne who just wanted to go on an adventure. Trying to convince her friends that staying at the comfort of the farm will only end in slaughter, she leaves to search for freedom. Her friends search for her as does the farmer; even the local media started to become interested in the search for this adventure seeking cow. Will she survive the wilderness or come home to fulfill her destiny?

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Lady Mechanics (TV sitcom 10 x 30')


What are two sisters to do when their father’s mechanic shop is about to go under? 

They roll up their sleeves and get to work. 

That’s exactly what mechanic whiz-kid Clara and her strait-laced older sister Alma do when their father becomes bed-ridden after a terrible car accident. However, personalities soon clash and tensions rise as the two very different women must work together to keep their family business from going bankrupt. As word spreads around town that women now run “Mechanic Shop Steele,” loyal customers leave for the competition, and the tiny support they have from their mother goes with it. As emotions and stakes rise, the sisters have to learn how to band together despite their clashing personalities to keep the shop afloat while fighting against the prejudices within the town and their family.

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Inside Germany (TV series 10 x 60’)

Inspired by, and loosely based on, the true story of the National Socialist Underground, INSIDE GERMANY brings the story into the present, compresses time, fictionalizes and dramatizes the action to create a thrilling, international version of The Wire meets American History X.

The series follows several courageous and resourceful officers as they attempt to bring these violent terrorists to justice, while also dealing with their own personal obstacles. But the larger and more disturbing issue is the corruption and complicity their probing reveals as they discover that powerful people within their own ranks seem sympathetic to the ideology that inspired these crimes.

If its power and scope don’t surprise and alarm you, it should.

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