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We’re knee deep in post-production, working through over 70 hours of footage from our short but impressive shoot in Alaska which focuses in on the fishing industry from the female point of view. In order to visit the remote fishing town of Pelican, we took seaplanes from Juneau. From there we chartered a skiff to then meet up with the crew at the scow – a houseboat. At 6 AM, we left to go out to the open ocean. We spent a couple of days out on the sea – one or the other had to succumb to seasickness – but we all survived. We were fortunate enough to follow fisherwoman Rose who’s been running her own business for the last two and half years distributing Wild Alaskan salmon, hook and line caught from Alaska to the Michigan area. 

While on the ocean, we did spot sea lions, orcas and even had a chance to catch some salmon which was quite a task. It looks easy but it’s hard work out there. Having returned to land again, we got to see bald eagles and were just five feet away from a grizzly bear. Talk about breathtaking. Nature and wild life at its finest. For anybody who’s thinking about wanting to visit Alaska, we can only highly recommend it. It’s one the most beautiful and special places of North America and certainly will leave an impression on you for the rest of your life. 


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