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From Berlin, Germany to La Rochelle, France

June has been the start of a busy summer - for our project Searching for Pola (working title) we’ve been spending some time in Berlin, researching in archives, museums, and connecting with a number of experts on our subject matter to help shape our upcoming documentary feature film. “It’s been a fascinating journey, both personally and professionally,” says Christina Rose, CEO of MWE. “The support has been incredible and overwhelming, each new document we find opens new doors, brings about many more questions and it’s just simply fascinating to sift through material that is over a 100 years old.”

Searching for Pola tells the life of the first documentary filmmaker to ever film in the Amazonas and whose life has completely been lost in history. Ever since MWE has completed the documentary series Empowered about women in underrepresented industries, the topic of telling powerful stories about women in present time or from the past has become a priority for the company.

For the 35th Edition of Sunny Side of the Doc, Christina travelled to the beautiful city of La Rochelle to meet up with colleagues, pitch the MWE slate to broadcasters, and make new connections. “These markets are always very valuable and certainly Sunny Side of the Doc belongs to the must visits when it comes to the world of documentaries. The weather was perfect, the people and events inspiring — we are quite happy to be able to push forward our projects and make a number of new connections,” says Rose.

The summer is far from being over — another Berlin trip is already in the works, MWE will also continue filming for the Becoming Trek (working title) documentary feature film, and we’ve got a few other things in the pipeline which we hope to be able to share with the MWE community soon. Until then, we wish everyone a great and safe summer!

-MWE Team


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