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MWE Updates

A few updates from the MWE world:


We are pleased to announce that since the end of 2022, Christina Rose has been actively producing a documentary entitled “Codename: Kräutergarten” alongside award winning producer and director Walter Steffen. The film “Codename: Kräutergarten” tells the largely unknown story of the "German Experimental Station" in Dachau, also known as the "Plantation", where spices and medicinal herbs were cultivated in the name of biodynamic agriculture. Prisoners of the Dachau concentration camp were put to forced labor, with the goal of "extermination through labor" as demanded by the SS.

The film focuses on three people that were maltreated, tortured, and murdered in Dachau. At the same time, it portrays three aspects of today’s society that are working against exclusion and discrimination.

Production started in February 2023 and the film is expected to be released for the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Dachau in 2025.

CANCER FREE RECIPE – Screening at Global Virtual Summit

On July 3rd and July 4th, Christina Rose will be presenting the documentary CANCER FREE RECIPE during this year’s Global Virtual Summit on Healthcare & Management. While the virtual screening is closed for non-participants, we do encourage you to watch the documentary yourself. You can find it in our MWE Channel. For more information, please go here:

ALPENFLIMMERN – Short Film Festival and Open-Air Cinema

The Alpenflimmern Festival will be kicked off July 9th. On three consecutive weekends starting July 14th, the Open-Air Cinema will show a diverse set of feature films as well as include the selection of short films from this year’s Short Film Festival.

The first weekend will take place in Murnau, Germany (July 14th & 15th). On July 21st & 22nd feature films will be presented in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Christina Rose will serve once again as Jury Member.

Announcement as to who won this year’s top prizes will be made on July 28th & 29th in Mittenwald. For more information, please go here:

NEW INT’L SERIES – Pre-Production starting soon

The last few months have been focused on another international documentary series INGENIUS with Lani Evans. We’ve been developing the series, diving deep into the various issues and spending time researching some of the most fascinated solutions to climate, financial, and food challenges in the 21st century. We will share more information on this project in the coming months.

Please stay tuned and consider becoming a MWE member to get the newest updates.


Thank you to all our current members and we certainly always welcome new members. A small plug for our channel: We understand the prices are high for a small library of films but please take into account we are a small production company and any support for our projects are greatly appreciated. Projects we are involved with seek to reveal truth, real world actions and responses to make this world a better place.

Walking Points and Cancer Free Recipe have saved the lives of numerous cancer patients, while our series Empowered: Women Shaping the Future has inspired and motivated women all across the globe.

InGenius will share with the world ways some have acted to save our planet with our ancestral knowledge and wisdom.

Please consider becoming a member and thank you for the opportunity to grow with us.


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