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March Update

We have returned back from a very successful shoot in Puerto Rico where we witnessed a historic moment. Not only did Diamilette Quilles start the season in the Double AA Baseball Series with the men’s league but she got off to a successful start during their away game which we were able to attend as well. And not to forget, the Governor of Puerto Rico honored her for breaking this new barrier of being the first woman to play in the men’s league! Diamy is a true hero and inspiration for all out there and we are so honored to have the opportunity to get to know her personally and follow her during a very important time of her life. For Women’s Day, we have posted our current trailer for the Wonder Women series – feel free to check it out:

As we are currently preparing the shoot for our final episode, we are also preparing Season II for our children show Dream Again, which has officially been greenlit and will go in production again this summer. We are very excited about this news and are looking forward to spending time with Noah and Olivia again.


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