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We’re kicking off the year on the southern side of the world in Chile for our first shoot in 2019. For our Wonder Women series we are following Astrophysicist Dr. Suzanna Randall who has the chance of becoming the first German female Astronaut. While Suzanna wouldn’t be the first female Astronaut, nonetheless, female astronauts as well as astrophysicist is an underrepresented field for women. And that’s why she fits our profile and we follow her on the journey through training to see if she will be selected or not. 

In Chile, we got to meet her in the Atacama dessert at the ALMA sight which at 5,100 meters high has the largest array of telescopes and gets her half way to space – her dream that she hopes to reach. The film crew had to undergo tests and was equipped with oxygen in order to withstand the thin air. Everyone survived and it was amazing to see and explore the research and data collection of ALMA. In other words, if there’s a sign of alien life out there, it just might be that Chile will be the first to know. 


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