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January 2021

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year...and thank you to all colleagues and friends for making all the challenges we faced last year even possible.

We all know, to quote a friend: “corona is the shit” — there has been a lot of pain, fear, loss and anger that we have all experienced and witnessed. However, while our world as we know it has shifted, we must also take a moment to recognize the inner strengths we all have within ourselves to be better. As we look forward, we need to be better - to each other and to ourselves.

Running a small film production company hasn’t been easy during these times. We started off strong last year only for certain projects to fall through. But the most devastating moment was when my dog suddenly from one day to the next was unable to walk with her back legs. That evening, after returning from the vet, I looked her in the eyes and told her that if she wanted to live, I would do anything and everything for her. There was so much life in her eyes and so the work started — the whole house and work area was turned upside down and we started physical therapy. I never imagined taking these photos last week of her running and jumping in the snow when four months prior I was carrying her on short walks. Her strengths and willingness to not give up and go on has once again taught me what I needed to understand during a devastating year. And so, let it be a lesson for today and tomorrow and for all of us looking ahead. Find that inner strength within you to be better and to run, to jump, to go on — to take on life with full force and be the best that you can be.


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