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After returning from summer temperatures of 38 degree Celsius and landscapes we’ve never seen before – thanks to our drone we were able to capture some AMAZING footage – we’ve now returned to the polar vortex weather on the east coast where we have a few meetings lined up in the capitol city as well as in NYC. 

We are gearing up for Berlinale/EFM and looking forward to pushing some projects forward. Berlin is always a special place for us as it was the all time first market our CEO visited and the amazement of Berlin is something everyone needs to explore. “Berlin is like walking through a history book. You can see the bombing of WWII at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, then see the Berlin Wall and experience the eastern side of Berlin. Yes, while it’s still a very international and modern city, it still carries a lot of its history and there’s no other city like that in the world.”

With that being said, Berlin – here we come!


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