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A WOMAN'S NEW WORLD - BEST DOCUMENTARY - French Riviera Film Festival

We are excited to share great news with you: A WOMAN’S NEW WORLD was awarded the best documentary at the French Riviera Film Festival. Thank you to the @frfilmfestival — this is truly a great honor! Thank you to Tianyi Lu for the opportunity to get an inside and intimate look into your journey as a conductor. Thank you to @kd_schmid for making this all possible! We are also truly very grateful to the whole production team. Many thanks to @oscarwildeify for your creative words and @lanislands your beautiful voice! To our two wonderful and talented DP’s Torbjörn Karvang and @pele1869 who captured the beauty of this world. Thank you @trailblazerstudios — Chris and Scott for making every frame look picture perfect! In the world of music, our special thanks goes to @zhoutiancomposer for the beautiful and elegant composition. And we cannot thank our sound team enough for elevating the whole project to a different level - @manavshrotriya@ps.postservices. Finally, thank you to @mujnicole@_gothamc@gotham.ology@indieent@indiefilmmarketing for this opportunity. We are very grateful!

If you missed the chance to watch A WOMAN’S NEW WORLD, we are very excited to let you know that in connection to our whole documentary series WONDER WOMEN, this episode along with the other five episodes will premiere at the 10th Anniversary of “Kat Kramer’s Films That Change The World” where this years theme is #sheroesforchange. Dates will be announced soon!


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