MirrorWater Entertainment is a small production company and our goal at MWE is making content that causes change. Now, you might ask, why can’t I watch this on TV or through a SVOD platform like Netflix or Amazon or Apple? Unlike them, we are focusing on content that empowers and inspires and motivates in a positive way. We also try to tackle topics that give you answers and solutions to problems instead of just exposing greed, manipulation and dishonesty. So often we will have watched a documentary that reveals how people and companies have been abusing their power and often times manage to get away with it. When we watch these shows, it has left us with a feeling of disgust and often hopelessness because it seems that people in power abusing their power are getting more attention than those people who are doing good in society and truly making a difference. Yes, we all want to desperately watch or hear a good story but too often these stories are at the very end, simply a footnote. That must change because we strongly believe that we as a society, within our community, need to be the change we wish to see. If we have the opportunity to see content about stories making an impact in our community by those who believe in the power of change, it will affect us. It might even affect us so much that we will feel inspired and choose the path of doing good, reaching out, or being that heroic person that we only see projected on the movie screen when in truth we all have the power within us to be the next greatest leader.


While we are small and only slowly growing, we will continue to work on projects that can inform us to better understand the issues and give us possible solutions to these problems. At the end of the day, it might even save your life. It’s why we did a documentary about cancer detection dogs that has saved the lives a number of people already. So, no matter where in the world you are watching today, we hope you will be inspired by these stories and learn from these challenges and hardships...and thank you for your support.

Christina Rose

CEO/Co Founder of MirrorWater Entertainment, LLC