EMPOWERED: WOMEN SHAPING THE FUTURE is about young women making a major impact serving in leadership positions in underrepresented industries. We are defining underrepresented where 15% or less of a given profession has women in key positions. We are featuring a fisher woman out of Alaska (Marie Rose), an Astronaut trainee from Germany (Suzanna Randall), a race car driver from Hungary (Vivien Keszthelyi), a Puerto Rican Baseball player (Diamilette Quiles Alicea), a musical conductor from China/New Zealand (Tianyi Lu) and a Boeing 777 pilot from India (Anny Divya). Each episode focuses on one of the women -- their journey, their hardships, their impact and what they hope to achieve for future generations.


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I am Christina Rose the creator of Empowered: Women Shaping the Future and the CEO of MirrorWater Entertainment. 

Now, you might ask, why can’t I watch this on TV or through a SVOD platform like Netflix? I’m a small production company and our goal at MirrorWater Entertainment is making content that causes change. I want to focus on content that empowers and inspires and motivates in a positive way. I strongly believe that we as a society, within our community, need to be the change we wish to see. If we have the opportunity to see content about stories making an impact in our community by those who believe in the power of change, it will affect us. These people will inspire you. I ask you to consider what you can do to be that inspiration for others. My aim is to create content that saves and changes lives.  

It’s why I did a documentary about cancer detection dogs that has saved the lives of my own parents and a number of other people too.

Let me talk about the pricing. Yes, I wish I could offer this to you for free but since starting this series, I have used all our funds to make this documentary and to pay the people who helped me create it. With your purchases today you will be supporting me as an independent production company as we intend to work on season two of this series.

Now, to Empowered: It has been a tough journey. In 2018 I was in a very dark place after numerous setbacks and failures in the film profession. I didn’t understand how women facing hardships in their life overcame these challenges. With that question in mind, I started this documentary series. All six women have inspired me, empowered me, and helped me find the belief in making a difference, and the confidence I had lost. 


This time they have saved me. 


No matter where in the world you are watching today, I hope you will be inspired by these six women and learn from their challenges and hardships. They have taught me that we must face our biggest fears and challenges and not be afraid to step outside of our comfort zone. Only when doing so do we grow, learn and find ourselves. Once you find your own voice, you can achieve anything because you are all “Wonder Women.” I hope you will enjoy this series and thank you for your support.

Christina Rose

Creator of Empowered: Women Shaping the Future

CEO/Co Founder of MirrorWater Entertainment, LLC