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InGenius is an immersive look at ingenuity in remote places guided by an unexpectedly capable Lani Evans, our host. She meets remarkable people from all over the globe who have developed clever answers to the challenges of the human condition: a girl who invented a bicycle powered phone charger in Kenya, a woman who showed a kids in Malawi how to repurpose trash into toys, a slumdog teen in India who invented analgorithm to reduce AIDS in his town. Evans hacks through the Philippines jungle to meet a man who created a peddle-powered peanut butter machine. In Thailand, she finds a motorbike with citronella exhaust that repels mosquitos. She braves the Malawian bush to meet the villager who developed a shit-powered light bulb.


InGenius is about telling thought provoking stories of people who have beat the odds. We are inspired to see how creativity can change a life, a family or a village. These stories serve as a backdrop for broader conversations about what it means to be a citizen of the world today.

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