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InGenius tells thought-provoking stories of exceptional everyday people. In places where change is ubiquitous, those with few resources and rich imaginations are already handling the problems of the future.


These stories confront the challenges of our time with people who use creative old wisdom to solve modern problems. Stories of those with vast knowledge and a desire to protect their way of life. They are tales of dire circumstances and the people who hold the key to the biggest obstacles facing humanity.


In every episode, we peer into the conditions that inspire us to invent extraordinary solutions to the challenges of the 21st century. InGenius is an immersive look at clever ingenuity in remote places that's guided by extraordinary storytellers.


Our show tells real stories of humankind. Stories that matter.  Stories of a crucial symbioses that has existed since the beginning of our time. The erasures of these vital blueprints to our humanity appear in the cloak of progress but prove wildly detrimental to our future. The things we do in the name of nature are often times anything but natural. Instead, we conveniently ignore the ways modernity disconnects us from the environment and the wisdom that enabled our ancestors to flourish. Opening the door to the past means learning about knowledge systems that have endured millennia. 


A path of ego, greed and power will lead to inevitable failure. Instead, we’ll highlight stories of those who already have solutions through the way India’s use of low-tech culture has created a nation of inventors, how Bedouins survive dust storms, or how community is what keeps the Amish immune to the outside world... Aboriginal Australians fight fire with fire, how medicine cures in The Amazon Rainforest or how miscommunication is uniquely resolved in the Māori culture. The purpose of InGenius is to underscore the importance of realigning our disharmony with the natural world by uncovering lost knowledge that is crucial for our survival.


InGenius tells stories that showcase the possibilities for a brighter future by exploring the brilliance of the past.

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