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With offices on both sides of the Atlantic, we create inspirational film and television content for the global market. The MWE team has worked on projects across the globe, from Hollywood to Bollywood, Europe to China, and recently we have gone to the southern side of the world.

Cancer Free Recipe_black.jpg

Cancer Free Recipe (documentary 1 x 90’ or 2 x 50’)


A follow up to the success of Walking Points, Cancer Free Recipe revisits the people who were diagnosed with cancer and we check in on their status quo three years later to investigate if the benefits of a Whole Food Plant based diet actually reversed their cancer or not.

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Get Lost (full-length feature 1 x 120’)


While backpacking through Europe with her mother's ashes, 19-year old HOPE meets a mysterious figure who lures her into a mindbending overnight chase through the city of Berlin - with all of its multifaceted delights and characters.

Wonder Women.jpg

Wonder Women (documentary 6 x 50’ or 2 x 90’)

A doc series about women in leadership positions in underrepresented industries across the globe – from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

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Lost God (full-length feature 1 x 120’)

When a middle-aged man wakes to find himself lost and alone in an inescapable small desert town haunted by a terrible secret, he desperately searches for clues that might just hold the answer to who he really is.

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