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Entertainment. Educational. Enlightenment.


With offices on both sides of the Atlantic, we create inspirational film and television content for the global market. The MWE team has worked on projects across the globe, from Hollywood to Bollywood, Europe to China, and recently we have gone to the southern side of the world.


EMPOWERED is about young women making a major impact serving in leadership positions in underrepresented industries. We are defining underrepresented where 15% or less of a given profession has women in key positions. We are featuring a fisher woman out of Alaska (Marie Rose), an Astronaut trainee from Germany (Suzanna Randall), a race car driver from Hungary (Vivien Keszthelyi), a Puerto Rican Baseball player (Diamilette Quiles Alicea), a musical conductor from China/New Zealand (Tianyi Lu) and a Boeing 777 pilot from India (Anny Divya). Each episode focuses on one of the women -- their journey, their hardships, their impact and what they hope to achieve for future generations.



Capture Format: 4K and HD

Genre: Documentary Series

Length: 6 x 50 min


Isolation (TV series 10 x 50’)


The year is 2028 and we’re at Environmental Task Force Base ECO-1 located in the Arctic circle. The scientists here are dedicated to reversing global warming. They’re aware, every minute of every day, of their isolation here at the northern most inhabited spot on the globe will determine the fate of the future. In case of an emergency, you can’t call 9-1-1. Every day is a challenge to survival – ironic, because the scientists here are trying to help the Earth survive. 

Created by Morgan Gendel (Law & Order, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, among others)

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InGenius (documentary 6 x 30’ )


InGenius is a docu-series that explores the spirit of innovation with storyteller and adventurer Lani Evans. In every episode we peer into the conditions that inspire common people to invent extraordinary solutions to the challenges of everyday life. They are the stories facing the biggest challenges of our time; of people who use primitive innovations to solve modern problems. These are the stories of people in life threatening situations – who hold the key to the biggest obstacles facing humanity.

The Dark Lady.jpg

The Dark Lady (full-length feature 1 x 120’)


The Dark Lady is the story of the hidden and secret life of Emilia Lanier – the theory that it was indeed a woman behind the works of William Shakespeare. 

Cancer Free Recipe.jpg

Cancer Free Recipe (documentary 1 x 52’)

Cancer Free Recipe follows John who has learned that a Whole Food Plant Based diet can stop the growth of cancer and perhaps reverse it. After being hospitalized numerous times after having a tumor at his pancreas removed, and now faced with the onset of Barrett’s disease, a pre-cancerous condition of the esophagus, John evaluates his choices – following conventional medical practice of chemotherapy and/or radiation or using lifestyle changes including changing his diet, exercise, reducing stress to best condition his body to prevent problems in the future.  Filmed over the course of five years, we will learn if John’s choices will help him set the stage for better health going forward and what he’s learned along the way. 



Capture Format: 4K and HD

Genre: Documentary

Length: 52 min

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