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Walking Points

Walking Points

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Walking Points (documentary 1 x 90’)


A documentary that explores the possibility of early discovery of cancer through detection dogs and reveals a way in which we can beat this deadly disease once and for all. 

Are dogs the cure for cancer? While they may not offer a cure per se, cancer detection dogs offer the best form of early diagnosis. This paired with the right lifestyle and dietary decisions can indeed save lives. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we do have the cure for cancer at our disposal right now. However, to make a true impact and help people, we must support the men and women featured in this film who have proven themselves in their respected professional fields of nutrition and cancer detection. If you ask many of them, they consider themselves the “underdogs” in this story. This documentary gives voice to those who are not in the business of making money, but are in the business of saving lives. They are: 

Mike Butkus, Chief Steward of the Union Local 2, Chicago Fire Department. Mike has spearheaded a cancer screening & prevention program over the last 3 years, in order to make a difference and save lives. Due to their career field and the environmental hazards they are exposed to, firefighters have a much greater chance of getting cancer than others. In fact, these firefighting families have a higher risk of dying from cancer than dying from incidents directly related to their line of work. However, with the implementation of Mike’s program 3 years ago, many lives have already been saved.

How have these lives been saved? Since 2013, firefighters breathe into a yellow surgical mask for 7-10 minutes, which is then sent to Glenn Ferguson – the cancer detection dog trainer – who in one day can screen up to 200 masks. His dogs are able to inform him which breath samples indicate a positive hit for cancer in relation to healthy samples. How do they do it? They simply smell the mask that has been put into a pill bottle and loaded into what is called the ‘sniffing station’. They then sniff and point with their paw directly to that mask that has a cancerous odor.  This simple and cheap test allows those afflicted to seek early treatment.

Now, you may ask: does cancer really have an odor? Martin Moskovits and Carl Meinhardt, researchers at University of California, Santa Barbara, who are currently in the process of creating a technological device to recreate the dogs’ capabilities, can tell you for certain: yes, cancer has an odor. 

But if you still don’t believe that dogs could possibly detect cancer via scent, look no further than the Department of Defense (DOD) which has poured billions of dollars into creating a “sniffer dog” device with little-to-no success. To this day Military Working Dogs have not only outperformed the most advanced technology but are also more efficient and more cost-effective. The trainers teaching these dogs to detect different types of explosive odors state: “If something has an odor, you can train a dog to detect anything.” 


These dogs, Glenn’s dogs – Indie, Romeo, Buster, and Jenkins – have not only proven that they can detect cancer but, and this is what makes them invaluable to us, have proven that they can detect cancer in stages 1 and 2, and can even detect cancer in a pre-cancerous state which no technological device the medical community currently has at its disposal can do. Did we mention that it is the most non-invasive procedure too? No biopsies, no blood tests, not even a visit to the doctor’s office is necessary. All one has to do is breath into a mask for 7-10 minutes. 

But there is one problem: because these dogs are able to detect cancer so early on, doctors often cannot find it, and unfortunately a dog cannot tell us where exactly the cancer is in order to attempt treatment. Still, instead of waiting for the inevitable, it’s time to recognize that a plant based whole foods diet and lifestyle change, which Dr. Goldhamer and Dr. McDougall practice and recommend – and in February 2015 was finally approved by the American Cancer Society – can stop cancer cells from growing and even reverse the disease. Dr. Campbell’s research over 30 years, funded by the NIH demonstrates that the protein casein found in animal products (meat, fish, dairy) feeds cancer cells. Eliminate this protein out of your diet by eating a plant based whole food diet, not only will it stop cancer cells from growing but it can even reverse this disease. This offers a much better solution than the invasive and devastating treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. 

It’s a partnership waiting to happen: cancer detection dogs paired with a plant based whole food diet offer the greatest possibilities in curing one of the world’s most deadly killers: cancer. Sadly, only very few people know about this option. It’s time to change that. We hope to share this new revelation and impact our viewers enough to save lives. Nobody needs to die of cancer ever again.

Note: there's some overlap between Walking Points and Frontier Dogs. We recommend watching one or the other, depending on your interest. If your interest is with dogs, watch Frontier Dogs. If you want to learn more about early detection and reversing cancer through a Whole Food Plant Based diet, watch Walking Points.  

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