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January Update – A New Century - 2020

As we look back to 2019, we are truly grateful for all the new and great opportunities MWE had – from our Wonder Women Doc-Series to our first children’s show to a three slate feature film project going into production next year. We also had the chance to develop two new int’l TV shows that are gaining interest on the creative as well as network front, which we hope to bring to the next level this next century. So, with all the challenges we had to face in the last century, we look forward knowing we will have many more obstacles to face but we strongly believe that despite the non-believers and the nay-sayers we are growing stronger and continue to believe in making content that will not just serve to entertain us but will also have an impact – because truly that’s the power of entertainment. Making a difference, shedding light on issues that are drowning in the oceans. We are here to seek out those ocean treasures to give to those voices that haven’t been heard a voice -- to give hope, inspire, motivate and change the world to make it a better home for all of us. So, in the name of all of MWE we thank you all for your support, your guidance and we look forward to tackling all the new challenges in 2020.


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