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April Update

In these unprecedented and unpredictable times which we as a whole community are living in as predominantly all nations around the world have gone into lockdowns, we at MWE have been extremely lucky and grateful. We’ve continued working in post-production as well as developing a number of new projects. While confined, it’s up to us to be creative and think outside of the box to make things possible even in times of a crisis. Thus, our makeshift editing station has been working at all hours. On top of that, we’ve finished writing a book that we hope to share with you soon and interestingly enough we’ve made a new discovery – more on that another time.

In the meantime, we hope that everyone remains healthy and safe as we navigate in these uncertain times and hope that we will all be back to what can be considered as normal as possible soon – but most especially that we come out of this as a whole community stronger and more resilient then ever before. Stay safe everyone!


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