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Frontier Dogs

Frontier Dogs

While Walking Points combines the topic of cancer detection dogs, early detection and looks at the question if a Whole Food Plant Based diet can stop or even reverse cancer in the human body, in Frontier Dogs, we focus on the relationship between working dogs and their handler. We learn to understand why dogs remain to this day one of the most important and effective tools that's available to us when it comes to detection of all sorts -- from detecting IEDs to cancer.

Frontier Dogs uses additional footage filmed during the making of Walking Points and takes a more in depth look at the work of these dogs. We talk with their handlers and better understand not just their working relationship but how dogs do this amazing work. 

We will embark on a journey in which we will learn of cancer detection dogs’ ability to detect cancer in the human being by utilizing their keen olfactory senses. It has been stated by Johns Hopkins University that despite billions of dollars being poured into research for a cure for cancer, no modern technology can detect cancer in humans at an early stage. But dogs can. The same way that military and police dogs are being trained to detect substances such as explosives and illegal drugs. The military has realized that despite the most expensive and successful technological devices available to the armed forces, they simply cannot compete with the dogs nose.  It is only natural that we use this ‘detection device’ in the medical field as well.

The relationship between dogs and humans goes back over two thousand years and perhaps today, more than ever, their importance to us as working dogs is reaching new frontiers. Not only in the war against terrorism but also in terms of succeeding in the battle against cancer.


Note: there's some overlap between Walking Points and Frontier Dogs. We recommend watching one or the other, depending on your interest. If your interest is with dogs, watch Frontier Dogs. If you want to learn more about early detection and reversing cancer through a Whole Food Plant Based diet, watch Walking Points.  

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