In this doc-series, we will get to know Rose from the fishing industry in Alaska, Vivien, a female race car driver hailing from Hungary, astronaut trainee Suzanna from Germany, Diamilette, the professional baseball player from Puerto Rico, Tianyi, a conductor from China/New Zealand, and Anny, pilot from India. They all have one trait that threads them together: breaking through the conventional standards and barriers that have been placed in these fields. 


An example of a storyline: Rose Marie, is the co-founder of the company “Shoreline Wild Salmon (SWS)” located in Pelican, Alaska, a small fishing town consisting of 80 people. Rose and her co-founders, Joe and Keith, are fishing, processing, distributing, and selling wild-caught Alaskan salmon in the Detroit, Michigan area. At the Eastern Market Rose stands next to Joe and Keith and people will ask her who of the two her husband and/or father is – she laughs it off because it’s a question she’s asked repeatedly. Neither of them is her father or husband. The truth is, that without Rose, Joe and Keith would be lost because she’s the catalyst behind SWS and a determined and focused businesswoman. While Joe and Keith have mastered fishing, it is Rose’s passion for distributing and selling hook-and-line caught salmon to people that makes her happy – in other words, they catch each salmon fish individually – no net – a sustainable fishing practice. She tries to spend as much time in Alaska to give the “salmon some lovin’,” as she likes to say, taking orders and organizing shipments out of Pelican. As we follow Rose we will learn about her fears, dreams, struggles but also the people who influence her, both women and men alike. 


Throughout the series we will experience their daily hardships, cheer for them in situations of uncertainty, cry with them during their lowest points, and laugh with them as they simply try to be themselves. To quote Jerry Seinfeld: “It’s like when I see a female pilot, I relax. She’s got to be better than a man to get that job. She’s had to work twice as hard!” There’s a bittersweet truth to that. So, let’s explore the groundbreaking work these women do and recognize that it takes the collaboration of men and women to further our advancement in these industries to have a greater impact in our society, life, and beyond. 


These are the true stories of WONDER WOMEN.