In awareness for Women’s Equality Day August 26th, we are offering a special virtual screening of our EMPOWERED: WOMEN SHAPING THE FUTURE documentary series that highlights women in underrepresented industries. Often that also means that these women who are in leadership positions, equal to their male colleagues get paid less. In Germany, for example, women get paid 18% less per hour than men*. In the US, women earn 84% than what men earn*. And in the film industry the pay gap is even higher.*


Thus, for 1 week starting today (August 26th) you can have access to the six part series for the price of US $19.99. The money earned from this special virtual screening will be invested in a new documentary series called INGENIUS by Lani Evans. The doc series follows primitive innovators who have little resources available and are tackling (and solving) the biggest problem of our world today. You can view a trailer below.


On top of that, for anybody who chooses the $29.99 viewing pass will not only have access to the content for one whole month, you will also immediately have access to the documentary series InGenius once completed (estimated release date 2024). And if that’s not enough to convince you, you will also have access to the two part documentary series “Frontier Dogs” about Military Working Dogs and Cancer Detection Dogs as well as “Cancer Free Recipe” – a documentary about how food can cure cancer.  


Thank you very much for your support!




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