MWE - making waves

With representatives in Los Angeles, California and Munich, Germany MirrorWater Entertainment (MWE) operates internationally as a film development and production company. We specialize in feature films, TV shows, and documentaries for a variety of platforms.

We are also a family-run business working in collaboration with hand-picked producers that care about more than just the bottom line. By fostering growth and development, honesty and fairness and by pushing each other to our creative limits, we believe in delivering content that is passionate, entertaining, educational and real. By bringing together innovative voices and fresh talent to nurture the heart and soul of the story, we abide by the 3 E’s: 


Entertainment, Education, & Enlightenment. 

And by the way, we plan to be the first production company to make a film in space!


Christina Rose is an American-German director, producer, and screenwriter and is part of the new Hollyworld Movement – bringing entertainment to the whole world. She has worked in North America (USA, Canada), Europe (Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria), Africa (the famous Atlas Studios in Ouarzarzate), and Asia (India’s Bollywood). Together with her brother Michael, she co-founded MirrorWater Entertainment LLC. Prior to setting up a production company, Christina’s worked at such prestigious companies as Arad Productions (The Amazing Spiderman), Exclusive Media (Rush, Ides of March), in distribution at ZDF-Enterprises, and has developed numerous projects with Michael Hirst (Vikings) and William J. MacDonald (Rome). Most recently, she was an executive at the European network Sky, acquiring new projects for development.

Since starting MWE, she has produced a number of documentaries, TV shows for the international market, and is currently stepping into the world of feature films. The daughter of a US Army General, Christina has learned that discipline, dedication, and honor are the key traits in developing and producing noteworthy and meaningful content. While she has her share of learning curves and living an adventurous roller coaster life, her determination in pursuing her dreams and goals and making entertainment that seeks to entertain, educate, and engage audiences is what pushes and motivates Christina even during times of crisis. And ask her, there have been enough crises she’s already overcome.


Next to working in the entertainment industry, Christina is currently also writing a book on how to succeed by being consciously responsible in the fast paced and changing world in which we currently live. When she is not working on a project, she finds inspiration hiking and climbing with her dog, Shiva, in the Alps.




Long before Michael Rose co-founded MirrorWater Entertainment, he was a professional drummer and musician out of Portland and played at the famous Whisky a Go Go nightspot in Hollywood. He embarked on a career shift and went on to receive his Master’s in Business Management and Leadership. Since then, he has gathered management experience in a variety of fields, including veterinary medicine, science and research, hospitality, aviation as well as information technology. The diverse experiences and challenges in these arenas have shaped and molded him into a versatile and balanced business professional with a creative core, combining his passion for all things entertainment with his business acumen.  Michael’s leadership focuses on building high performance teams and investing in what is most essential: the hard-working people who contribute every day. He also understands that success requires dedication, teamwork, loyalty and the willingness to go above and beyond. 


Our every day goal is to work on projects where we share stories and together reach:

“Moral Elevation”

Moral Elevation “describes the feeling of being uplifted by an act of uncommon goodness. Elevation brings out what Abraham Lincoln called ‘the better angels of our nature.’ Even in the face of atrocity, elevation leads us to looks at our similarities instead of our differences. We see the potential for good in others and gain hope that we can survive and rebuild. We become inspired to express compassion and battle injustice. As Martin Luther King Junior said, ‘ let no man pull you so low as to hate him.'”


-excerpt “Option B” by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant