Cancer remains a serious threat to humanity despite the most modern medical research and technology at our disposal & billions upon billions of dollars that have been spent on cancer research. Still, we’ve only managed to marginally improve overall survival for some cancer types. 


During Walking Points, we followed the few doctors at the forefront of a new grassroots movement who treated patients through dietary and lifestyle change. In Cancer Free Recipe we return to those same people to discover how they are doing and if a Whole Food Plant Based diet actually resulted in the reversal of cancer. A follow up to the highly acclaimed documentary Walking Points that explored the work of cancer detection dogs. 


Lifestyle changes and nutrition offer a unique opportunity to combat the disease and improve general wellbeing at the same time. We will explore this solution with the leaders of the whole foods plant based diet movement and offer the viewer control over their life and health, once and for all.


It’s time to recognize that a plant based whole foods diet and lifestyle change, which Dr. Goldhamer and Dr. McDougall practice and recommend – and in February 2015 was finally approved by the American Cancer Society – can stop cancer cells from growing and even reverse the disease. Dr. Campbell’s research over 30 years, funded by the NIH demonstrates that the protein casein found in animal products (meat, fish, dairy) feeds cancer cells. Eliminate this protein out of your diet by eating a plant based whole food diet, not only will it stop cancer cells from growing but it can even reverse this disease. This offers a much better solution than the invasive and devastating treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. 


It’s a partnership waiting to happen: cancer detection dogs paired with a plant based whole food diet offer the greatest possibilities in curing one of the world’s most deadly killers: cancer. Sadly, only very few people know about this option. It’s time to change that. We hope to share this new revelation and impact our viewers enough to save lives. Nobody needs to die of cancer ever again.


Christina Rose was recently asked, how making Walking Points changed her life, and her answer was: "I'm no longer afraid of dying of cancer" My aunt died of cervical cancer. My grandfather died of lung cancer. My father had cancer. And yet, I can say with full conviction that I am not afraid of cancer because I know that I have the tools within my own control to live a healthy life and to never, ever have to face cancer at all. My father to this day even says that I've saved his life. It may very well be true – only time will tell –however, through the making of this documentary I have experienced that it can save lives.”