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Over 1,000 of documentary films and TV series have been produced about World War II accumulating to hundreds and thousand of hours about the atrocities of one of the most brutal wars of the 20th century. The question any filmmaker must ask themselves when tackling a story about WWII then is why tell yet another story? While this documentary series certainly touches upon the common and similar horrors of the Holocaust or the horrific methods of the the Third Reich, nonetheless, never in history has the story of the first Arab man honored by Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations been told. However, this documentary goes beyond an Egyptian Doctor saving the life of a young Jewish girl and her family. To understand this story we will be uncovering truths long forgotten about the relations between Jews and Arabs which have only recently come to light. We are going to uncover that the long held belief that the conflict between Jews and Arabs did not derive from the UN resolution of 1948 accepting Israel as a Jewish country. Matter of fact, we will learn that the rift between these two religions can be traced back to Nazi Germany. Perhaps even more shockingly, the hatred between Jews and Arabs came to full fruition due to a single document whose author to this day remains unknown. We will go on a search that takes us to archives that have so far been closed to journalists and filmmakers in order to seek the truth and to shed light on history that has been lost in time.


This documentary series is not only intended to show a new perspective on Germany before and during this terrible time, but above all to remind us of the exciting stories of our Jewish, Muslim and Christian protagonists that have not yet been told, and which at the same time could represent a kind of mirror image of today. As indicated, there is enough literature and content that can teach us about the past. In truth, this documentary series is going to shed light on people forgotten and will challenge our own perceptions of the relationship between Arabs and Jews not just in Israel and Palestine but all over the world. We will furthermore be forced to look back at history through a different lens and ask ourselves if peace among these religions can once again exist. If we learn of the root of this hatred that was manufactured and propagated by individuals seeking power, can a coexistence be reinstated among these once friendly neighbors? Can this documentary series restore the truth and thus, the faith of the people to come together and live peacefully? The answer to that question can only then be answered with the telling of this story… and that fact alone is why this story must be told. 

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